my faceI studied Graphic Design and Product Design as an undergraduate, leading to a scholarship in Italy to learn the craft of jewellery production and stone setting in 2004. I later completed an MA in Three Dimensional Design at the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2011, where I looked at the perception of contemporary trends of electronic devices, including product semantics, nostalgia, and an emerging hypothesis on the “essential characteristics” of objects, illustrated in one of my projects on this site.

In December 2017 I was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Product Design. My doctoral research evaluated the consumer attachment and value enhancement towards automated forms of mass customised products. Feel free to read about my research, find links to download my full thesis in PDF and to email me your comments.

Today I work as a Learning Designer at University of Derby Online Learning, where I contribute with my expertise to create the best online student experiences and investigate alternatives and implications of student involvement in the persoinalisation of their learning development. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.